February 12, 2015 @ 6:06 AM

Chittenden Builders  recently attended
National Roofing Convention in Branson Mo.

This was an amazing opportunity for Chittenden Builders of Burlington VT to network and learn about new roofing products opportunities in the marketplace in 2015. 

The 2015 National Roofing Convention Gala Baquet 

Throughout the event we had the opportunity to meet and talk with roofing contractors from around the United States. We enjoyed learning about new products available in the market. The breakout sessions were packed with information that would be valuable to any roofing busines. The people we met were amazing, so willing to assist each other with a positive goal oriented attitude that really just lifts everyone's spirits.

The energy at the event was uplifting to say the least. This really elevated everyone to realize the potential for achieving their goals in 2015 and beyond. It really all came down to one simple question. How can we better serve our customers? Yes it really is all about the customer. When we are able to serve our customers with the highest level of customer service, quality products, and a guarantee on craftsmanship it allows a business to thrive. Providing quality results to happy customers really is the key to success, referrals, and an outstanding reputation within your marketplace.

We are excited to continue to provide the same level of outstanding customer service our client have come to expect over the years. The beautiful thing about an event like the National Roofing Convention is all the other roofing contractors we were able to talk with and share ideas. We came back home armed with a few great takeaways thanks to the information shared by new friends we met along the way. We also feel great about tips we were able to share with others about what has been working in our business which some of our new friends were equally excited to get back home and implement in their business. Needless to say Chittenden Builders is eager to kick off 2015 by implementing a few methods we have recognized where we are able to make improvements and provide our clients with an even higher level of customer service.

We enjoyed our time at National Roofing Convention!
We hope to see you there next year! 

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