April 14, 2014 @ 6:51 AM

Chittenden Builders recently completed a Metal Roof Installation in North Hero VT.

This was one aspect of a larger renovation project. This home renovation project involved jacking the home to level the structure and adding an additional support system beneath the structure. Eight skylights were added to the roof prior to the metal roof installation. Then a new master rib roof was installed enhancing the beauty and the value of this property.

This is a camp overlooking Lake Champlain in North Hero, VT.

The camp is available for rent from $1,500.00 - $2,500.00 per week from April - October each year.

For more details contact Edward Brown at (802) 310-5284.

A Metal Roof Installation may provide two or three times the actual life expectancy of a shingle roof installation in our rigid Vermont climate. The expense of installing a metal roof may be greater than a shingle roof today, but if you plan to own the property for an extended period of time, over the longterm it may be cheaper to install a metal roof. If you are installing a new shingle roof today and then own the property for a 30-40 yr period you may find yourself replacing the roof two more times. If you own the property for another 15-20 years you will probably replace the shingle roof again one more time. This will more than double or triple the cost of maintaining a shingle roof over the years with inflation on the next two shingle installations compared to installing a more expensive metal roof once now at today's current cost.

While it does not appeal to everyone, many people prefer the look of a metal roof, and feel it enhances the appearance of their property. The metal will also tend to shed rain water, leaves, snow and ice more than the shingle roof which can be another benefit throughout the fall and winter months here in Vermont.

The new corrugated metal roof installation provides a roof you can depend on for many years to come withy a 40 year manufacturers warranty.

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