March 21, 2014 @ 7:53 AM

One of our recent Bathroom Renovations Burlington Vt.

by Chittenden Builders.

We recently completed this bathroom renovation project involving a new tile floor installation, new doors and trim, painting, a new vanity, and medicine cabinet.

First we removed the existing vanity, sink, medicine cabinet, toilet, doors and trim. Next we applied two coats of paint to the ceiling and then one coat of paint to the bathroom walls. This left us with one more coat to the walls in the event we would accidently mark the walls during the installation of all the new materials. 

The tile flooring installation began with removing the existing linoleum flooring which was peeling up from the floor. We removed the existing toilet for a proper flooring installation. Then applied thinset to adhere a backer board to the floor and provide a solid support for the new tile. Once this was done we allowed a 24 hour period for the thinset to dry before installing the tile. The tile was installed using a modified thinset and once again we allowed a 24 hour period for the tile and thinset to dry before applying the grout. Next the grout was applied, after a short period of time for the grout to set up we then sponged the majority of the excess grout and silt from the tile, and once again another 24 hour period allowing the grout to dry. The final step was completed the following day when we sponged the floor two more times to remove the silt from the grout application from the tile to produce the beautiful clean shiny appearance of this new tile floor.

Now we were prepared to install the new vanity, sink, and medicine cabinet. Once this process was completed we installed the toilet, cleaning the existing wax ring from the toilet, and using a new wax ring to re-install the toilet.

Next we installed the new doors, scaing trim and baseboard trim.

On to the final step of our Bathroom Renovation Project.

We applied two coats of paint to the doors and trim.

One more coat of paint to the walls.

The result a new bathroom with a beautiful enhanced appearance the owner will enjoy for years to come.

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