August 17, 2013 @ 2:38 PM

Chittenden Builders Deck Builders Colchester Vt

Are you looking for a way to replace those ugly old concrete steps?

This is exactly what these folks wanted to do when we met with them in Colchester, Vt to discuss their Deck Building Project.

They were interested in improving the curb appeal by renovating the front entranceway to their home.

After talking we decided upon a Pressure Treated Deck with Vinyl Railings and a new Vinyl Fence along the walkway.

The stairs were built with white risers to make everything pop and tie together beautifully.

A little landscaping box was added on the other side of the walkway with a few flowers.

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By the end of the project these customers were extremely happy and have the beautiful front entranceway they were looking for when we first met.

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Deck Builders Colchester Vt




Chittenden Builders is experienced with the installation of All Types of Deck Installations.

Including but not limited to Pressure Treated, Cedar, Trex, Azek, and various types of Hardwood Decking Products. If you are interested in a deck with hidden fasteners there are more choices than ever available today.

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